We are certified Begalileo learning center

Begalileo is an official partner of Microsoft & several schools across India have approved it in their school curriculum. We are currently doing a grand maths Olympiad where students from all across India & Middle East will be performing – Microsoft is supporting us majorly for the grand success of this program, UNMASK. Once you on-board you would be trained on this too, in your mission to help several children develop interest in mathematics


Life skills enhancement workshop

Enables the children to handleevery situation on their own. Teaches them Leadership, Team work,communication etc.

Duration: 6 hrs.
Age group : 7 – 14 years

Helping Hands

Free Maths classes for underprivileged girls.

Age group : 7 – 14 years
Duration : Every Thursday.


Aims to upgrade English vocabulary of the student , can be applied to all subjects.

Age group: 9 – 14 years
Duration : 2 Weeks


Aims to enhance the academic performance of the students, improvised memory and reduces examination stress.

Age Group: 14 years onwards
Duration :1 week

Focus & Memory Improvement workshop

Memory Improvement Tips, Increase Concentration, Brain Exercise, Exercise to improve your focus, Handwriting Improvement Tips.

Developed by Sprinttech